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The act of serving different content to different website visitors, particularly when serving different content to search engine bots than normal website users.

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Obscuring sub-domain

I have a site that is for a realtor and its URL is say, homesforsale.example but the actual listings are housed within an MLS/IDX system that is currently set to search.homesforsale.example. The ...
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Is server side rendering without any styling acceptable for a single page application (that is heavily styled) in order to satisfy most search bots?

Let's say that you have a big / heavy single page application (SPA) that can be represented statically in 100,000+ pages. Will it be acceptable to have a back-end that dynamically generates pages ...
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SEO How To Handle Pages That Require Login & Payment?

If you have URLs on your site that require a login but a user who is not logged in tries to access those login required URLs, how do you handle it? 401, 403, 404, 301 to a login page? If the page ...
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Serving static HTML pages generated using Rendertron - Is it considered cloaking?

Preamble Hello, I'm trying to improve SEO of a web app built with Angular 7. Unfortunately, I can't (not allowed to) install node on the server it's being hosted on, so I cannot implement server-...
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