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The act of serving different content to different website visitors, particularly when serving different content to search engine bots than normal website users.

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What is domain "masking" or "cloaking"? Why should it be avoided for a new web site?

What exactly is the domain name "masking" or "cloaking" offered by some hosting companies, (as opposed to redirection), and what are the various reasons it should be avoided when setting up a new web ...
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How to specify paywall contents for multiple pages

I am reading this guide to apply paywall contents to my website so that Google knows I am not cloaking. Unless I have misunderstood something, the example in that guide only deals with 1 particular ...
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Will disabling javascript be considered as cloaking by Google

There is a site with dynamic content generation (angular). Google is not indexing it well. But it is indexed well with static pages (same content). Static pages are not fast because of page reloading ...
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