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Questions tagged [change-frequency]

The rate at which web pages change.

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How should the fields be ordered in a sitemap when including hreflang?

I have a website with multiple languages and version for different countries. However it is all using the same domain and segregated by locale query parameter. Examples as below: is the ...
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What criteria should be used for priority & change frequency in an XML sitemap?

On what criteria we can define the priority and change frequency in the sitemap. Example if the website is a coupon/service website. The Home Page must be priority 1 Updated Daily Category Pages ...
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Will changing a favicon daily destroy SEO or raise any concerns with search engines? [duplicate]

I've been reading this question on StackOverflow Can I change a favicon daily, but I'd like to know if changing the favicon daily mess up any SEO or raise any concerns with search engines? I am ...
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For SEO, can I re-order trip packages on a page as their dates pass?

I have a page with several trip packages for the region. Some packages have different dates available. E.g. Trip package #1 Date: May 17—23 Price: $150 --- Trip package #2 Date: August 1—15 Price: $...
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2 answers

Tell search engine that current text is temporary

I have summary of my last articles on website first page and category pages. As you know this summaries are temporary and they're gone when new articles are published. The problem is when I search ...
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Would there be an SEO problem with having a section of "recommended" or "popular" links?

Is there any negative impact of having a "recommended" or "popular" links at the end of an article (in the bottom of the page or in the sidebar)? I am thinking about that because the popular "block" ...
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4 answers

How to overcome the situation of having lack of content and not updating regularly?

I have already read What are the best ways to increase a site's position in Google?. I have applied most possible things from that page. This is a hotel website. My client doesn't want to add a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Google search shows outdated results for a high-frequency changing paginated website

I have a paginated website that publishes links to news articles from different news sources in a specific niche every hour in a most-recent-first fashion. The website is paginated so
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Does randomly changing the image every refresh hurt the SEO of the page?

The web page has an img tag which displays an image of an eagle. However, it displays a different eagle (from a set of five eagles) every time. Does it affect the SEO of the page? Joomla has a ...
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Pages which are set to never update

I have a website with a blog. I sometimes update the posts but they usually do not change much. In any case, the do not have a periodic update cycle. So, in the sitemap I use that tag: <changefreq&...
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3 answers

Synonyms and SEO

I have a dynamically generated PHP web page where I change randomly the page <title> and <h1> by synonyms. Will search engines index the page for all or just for one synonym? Is it good ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Does updating site too frequently hurt SEO rankings?

I recently updated my site, like 3-4 times in 2 months. At first everything was good, (i.e., Google was updating my pages' SERP content in 2-3 days). But now I did kind of a major change, I switched ...
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SERP update frequency

Recently I changed my site improving the title and description metatags of many pages. Looking at Webmaster Tools I saw that Googlebot already crawled the new contents (and also found duplicate titles ...
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2 answers

How to choose the changefreq value in an XML sitemap

In my sitemap.xml file, I have the following line for every URL: <changefreq>weekly</changefreq> But the reality is that most pages don't change very often. Except there are new pages ...
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Sitemap change frequency

I'm sitemapping all my forum topics. It works great: <url> <loc></loc> <lastmod>2010-...
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