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Would canvas based charts be seen by Google as duplicate images?

Until March/April this year, I had used images sourced from Google Images - ie duplicate images. As a result, my performance on Google was awful. For over 10, long, very long years...! Now that I've ...
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svg vs canvas for SEO

While choosing a charting library for my react application, one of the criteria that I am evaluating is whether the library works with canvas or svg internally. Apart from the various other factors ...
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<canvas> for chartjs versus AMP

On my WordPress blog in default mode I have a <canvas> where I draw a chart with ChartJS. I've just downloaded the AMP plugin, run the Google AMP Test tool, and it says: Fix the following ...
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Is it cloaking to hide a <canvas> and display a message for mobile browsers?

I have a simple website with a single page containing a canvas element that is rendering a video game. I have a script on this page that hides the canvas element and displays a special message when ...
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HTML canvas editor

I'd like to implement a very simplistic image editor (similar to on my website, so that users can have a trivial playground. Say I have a black and white sketch (png) ...
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Can text content in an HTML5 <canvas> element be indexed by search engines?

I was wondering if content in an HTML5 canvas element has any positive/negative effects on SEO, or if it is indexed at all.
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