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When splitting a folder with tens of thousands of documents into several folders, how can I handle broken links?

I have over 30,000 html files stored in, and these files are linked to each other. When it comes to displaying the content of those files on my site, I use the following code: ...
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We have been adding 404 Not Found pages to robots.txt, but now Google is indexing them

Index coverage says "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt". Those pages are no longer active and return 404 status. So that they don't get crawled and indexed, our SEO guys have been adding them to ...
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Broken links in wordpress due to .htaccess

I was playing around with the .htaccess file on my site, and though the homepage works. All links are broken, showing 404 error. I also cannot click on anything but the homepage. If it matters here ...
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Does a broken link within conditional comments have any effect on SEO?

I have many sites with this old code which is intended to direct IE6 users to get a newer browser or to get Google Chrome Frame. <!--[if lt IE 7]> You are using an outdated browser. ...
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Thousands of broken external links - SEO penalization?

I'm facing a SEO problem: I'm wondering if manually fixing/removing broken external links (pointing to expired domains, 404 pages, etc... of course not managed by me) is useful. Does EXTERNAL broken ...
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SEMrush flagging some external links as broken (error code 403, 500 etc) even though link is working fine? [closed]

SEMrush is flagging some of our pages as having broken external link even though the link is opening fine. This particular example is being flagged with http code 403 but we can open the link given on ...
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Why can I access a file from my web server even though viewing the directory URL is a broken link?

I'm trying to understand how I'm able to access a PDF file from my website: /Documents/Publications/2015/file.pdf when /Documents comes up as a broken link. It appears to be non-existant. Why can I ...
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Google Websmaster Tools crawl errors reporting a link that does not exist

Google Webmaster Tools seems to be giving me an erroneous report. The crawl Errors (Smart Phone tab) still shows a link to from
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