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Posting books in a blog?

I saw this blog that posted chapters of books so the full books (etc. hunger games, twilight...) and was looking to so something similar. Is it legal to post a full book online? If not can you post a ...
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What books or articles are must reads for learning about SSL management [closed]

I have found it very hard to find any books or articles that assume no understanding and take you from nothing to a master at managing SSL certificates on web servers. Most articles I have found deal ...
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Is the book "The Content Rules" still relevant in 2012? [closed]

"The Content Rules" was written by CC Chapman last year, and I was wondering if the book was still relivent in 2012, or if the ideas in it are dated. I started reading it in 2011, didn't finish it, ...
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Book / resource suggestions for learning web development? Where to start? [closed]

OK, so there's so much to know that I don't even know where to start. I'm hoping you can help me come up with a list of books to get started with. I'm interested in web applications (for example, ...
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Math behind multivariate testing for website optimization [closed]

I am looking for theoretical resources (books, tutorials, etc.) to learn about making sound statistical inferences given (plenty of) multivariate website conversion data. I'm after the math involved, ...
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Is "The Art of SEO" book dated?

And if it's dated, what would a good alternative be? Please don't mention blogs or tutorials, I need a book. :) Thanks a lot.
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Learning PHP Framework for ecommerce site

Are there any books that can teach a good/useful PHP framework to build an ecommerce site? Please recommend.
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What is the single most influential book about website promotion and internet marketing? [closed]

What is the single most influential, useful, famous book about website promotion and internet marketing?
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best web content books/websites/articles?

I was reading through "best web programming books" articles, and I saw the book Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson. So, what is a similar (or better, please specify if it's better) ...
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2 answers

Best books for web design & HCI

What are the best books you suggest me about: web design HCI for web applications / websites thanks
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8 answers

Can anyone recommend a good HTML 5 book?

Specifically about canvas. I have been looking around for a few good one.
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What are some great resources or books for learning about running a website?

You've just inherited the webmaster position but know little about the day-to-day operation of a website. What books or online resources should you look at to learn more about being a webmaster?
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SEO Tips and Tricks for web developers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the best ways to increase your site's position in Google? I know most of the Users of Stackoverflow would have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization(SEO).. ...
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