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How do you transfer a domain with BlueHost?

I have a domain purchased. I have a website without a domain that I can view with the IP address. I need to point the website to the domain. It is hosted with BlueHost but for the life of me I cannot ...
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How can I change my Heroku website to a custom domain provided by Bluehost?

I am new to Bluehost as well as Heroku website. I have deployed my website to Heroku already. This is my website: I have searched around but all the guides ...
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Moving my domain hosting from Bluehost to Heroku

I registered and hosted a new domain with Bluehost because I thought it would be a simple WordPress site. Since then, I have instead created a custom MERN stack application. I understand that Heroku ...
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How to fix a rogue DNS-IP mapping in WHM or cPanel?

I woke up this morning and started getting emails from customers of my website that "the site is down". But what actually happened is the SSL certificate quit working. The ...
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Is the EPP/Auth code confidential? Support rep asking for it to disable domain privacy

I have a domain name registered with Bluehost having their Domain Privacy enabled. The control panel is bugging and won't let me disable it, so I contacted the support via chat and they're asking me ...
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How do I set my MX records to point to Bluehost when my site is registered with Namecheap but hosted with AWS?

A quick back story on my case here as its a bit complicated: I bought a domain on Namecheap and hosted with Bluehost on a 3-year plan. But I decided to move the website to AWS and its up and running ...
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How can I allow hotlinking between my own sites

I have several sites hosted on a Bluehost server. I would like my sites to be able to use each others' images. In other words, I want to let my sites hotlink images from each other. There is an ...
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Would two factor authentication on my web hosting account protect against email phishing targeting my site?

I was recently attacked on my Bluehost account after clicking on an email that looked like it was from Bluehost (never going to click on another Bluehost email again). While talking to the support ...
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Bluehost keeps a copy of forwarded emails

I've set up email forwarding successfully on Bluehost, but it appears they keep a copy of forwarded email. I was able to log in to webmail ("roundcube") and see all of them. Is there any way to ...
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How do I give a hired developer access to my bluehost cpanel?

I can't find any way to like "create a guest account" to access my account without just giving him my account credentials. How should this be done? I can't find any help articles on it.
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FTP Accounts Created Automatically?

I am new here, but I am experiencing something that seems to be quite unique. I did research online and could not find an answer to this. So I created this post to see if I can get some clarity. As ...
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2 answers

Transferring domain from Ipage to Bluehost and want to keep old email

I'm transferring two .com's that were originally setup on Ipage. I initiated the transfer on Bluehost for the domains to and have created a email account with the same address as the email he wants ...
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Bluehost - Forward Subdomain with masking

I forwarded a Bluehost subdomain to my home server's IP address. When I enter the subdomain in my browser's address bar, it redirects fine, but it shows the numerical IP address and not the subdomain ...
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Why is the php.ini timezone setting is not used to determine when a PHP cron job runs?

I use shared hosting at Bluehost and changed the default date.timezone to UTC in my php.ini. Everything works fine with my PHP script and date() return the UTC time as expected. The problem occurs ...
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