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Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI) is a standard for displaying authenticated company logos in end-users' email inboxes

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2 answers

BIMI Validation failure

I have set up a BIMI record for my business, but when checking with '' I am told that my BIMI record is valid: 3600 IN TXT "...
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1 answer

BIMI SVG validation error

I have a validation error that I can't seem to fix. The error is: svg:1:133: error: element 'svg' missing required attribute 'baseProfile' Meanwhile, my SVG tag is: <svg baseProfile="tiny-ps&...
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BIMI, Gravatar. Sender image still not showing up in gmail

I have set up BIMI perfectly for my domain according to mxtoolbox, I have also set up Gravatar for multiple domains. I use Google ...
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BIMI svg images need to be on a brand's domain?

I have just set up some domains for BIMI. dig TXT +short "v=BIMI1;l=" As you can see, the mail domain in this example ...
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Why does the BIMI authentication result header show results for instead of the company domain?

I've received an email from my bank ( that has an expired VMC certificate. Understandably, this causes the BIMI logo fail to display in my iOS mail client (with iCloud as my mail ...
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