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1 answer

Can showing maintenance page during deployment affect SEO?

I have an Azure App Service web application. I have big traffic 24h and this is a problem when it comes to deploy. The definitive solution would be to bring the application deployment downtime to 0, ...
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3 answers

Will .day TLD be available to the public?

I am interested in getting a .day domain. However, I cannot seem to find it. IANA says it belongs to Google (through their subsidiary Charleston Road Registry), but Google domains says .day is not ...
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1 vote
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Even though Github pages is static, can I make a domain availability lookup site?

I am building a website to be hosted on Github. The documentation says Github pages is for static websites. Will I be able build a feature on the website that allows others to look up domain ...
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Point No-IP dynamic DNS to online web hosting if my local server at home is offline

I have a challenge since I'm not sure how to accomplish this: I have a NO-IP account in order to host some websites from my local computer server at home. I need to migrate some of this website to ...
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Jargon for when your site's bandwidth quota is eaten up by traffic from a backlink in a popular blog? [duplicate]

This happens every now and then on the web. Charlie has a personal blog where they posts about technical stuff. One day a popular site finds about their posts, and decides to do an article on it, ...
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57 votes
17 answers

Say a customer is an observant Jew and wants his site to be offline on Shabat - SEO problem?

Someone here might have experience with this problem (it's not my personal problem and never has been): Say you have a customer who is an observant Jew and he wants his site to be offline somehow (or ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Recommended online monitoring services with similar bare-bone scripting feature than Alertra? [closed]

I'm looking for an online service which would allow me to regularly trigger a sequence of GETs and POSTs against a https website in order to mimic a simple web site navigation. The service should also ...
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37 votes
3 answers

What is the safest way to search for domain names availability?

I am victim of Domain name front running. I searched for domain names on some sites & I lost those names soon. Now, what is the safest way to search for availability of domain names? Using ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Monitoring Domain Availability

How can I write a tool to monitor domain name availability? In particular, I am interested in monitoring availability of a domain which is in PENDINGDELETE (or REDEMPTIONPERIOD or REGISTRY-DELETE-...
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7 votes
4 answers

Are there any online tools that can help me find problems with my website?

I can run lots of performance tools on my server, but what is with problems that are only visible from the outside? Are there any tools that can help me with this?
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21 votes
5 answers

Services to monitor and report if a web site goes down? [closed]

Are there any services that will monitor a web site and report if it goes down, or experiences unreasonable response time? Which are reputable and recommended? How does the service notify you when ...
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