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Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic checks payments through their Web site and over an IP (Internet Protocol) connection.

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217 views CIM or using the module's storage

this site is intended to allow users to sign up and pay for a service, they will be able to pay using Paypal and since I am using two different payment gateways, it makes me wonder ...
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"Pending" status for orders paid via Auth.Net

In my Magento store, I have the following payment methods enabled with these order statuses: Zero Subtotal Checkout - Pending Check / Money Order - Pending (Auth only) - Processing The ...
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Does's SIM rid you of having to be PCI compliant?

Does anyone know if's SIM rids you of having to be PCI compliant? The payment form is hosted on's site and they're processing the payment. I know you can do a relay ...
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Changing amounts on Authorize.NET/Paypal recurring payments

I'm writing a system that will bill people a certain recurring amount per month/quarter/year. During that period, the customer may earn credits against his next bill. The approach I'm considering is ...
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PCI-Compliance: Automatic saving of Credit Cards to CIM

Our website uses CIM to store consumer credit card's securely after a user's initial purchase. We currently do not have an "opt-in" button allowing us to do this. However, after ...
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How to embed an payment gateway form into a single page website with one item for sale?

My website sells one item. I am currently using the simple checkout button embedded on the website. Rather than having the button I would like the order form to be on the single page with a field for ...
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CVV Code For using osCommerce

Hi I need to add a CVV code for verifying credit cards upon check out on my osCommerece shopping cart. I think this will involve a code for the php and the checkout processing php but ...
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396 views payment gateway... few questions

I need a good payment gateway for my shop (Drupal Ubercart). I was considering to use is it available in Europe ? My customer has revenues of 10.000 per week so I'm looking for a ...
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