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Questions tagged [animated-gif]

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1 answer

Embed vs downloaded gif

I'd like to insert some GIF's on my blog but I have 2 questions that I can't find an answer: Is it better to embed the GIF (with the code provided by Giphy for example) or to download it firt then ...
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1 answer

Animated GIFs contain distorted colors but static GIFs with the same content are fine

What I am doing I'm capturing short animated 600x300 GIFs to use on a web site to showcase the functionality of a desktop Windows application. What I do specifically is: Use Camtasia Recorder (v7.1) ...
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1 answer

Movie converted into animated Gif banner is slow loading

Hi all why is my gif image banner appears so slow compared to the gif banner of PayPal and AirBnb websites. They load without delay. Besides, my gif is blur because they are in low resolution, while ...
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What consumes less resources on the client side, an animation with gif or CSS?

What is better for the client side, an animated gif or the same animation done as a sequence of images with CSS ?
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