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Questions tagged [analytics-events]

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Can send Google Analytics events using gtag from my Node.js express server?

Currently I have a kind of complex server error logging system that I would to refactor in order to Google Analytics. Is there a way to do something like this on my Node.js express server? // ...
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Where is my (gtag) category and label data?

I’m pushing custom events into Google Analytics 4 with{GID}. I've checked that my action, category and label variables are generating the strings I need: ...
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How do I deal with false data sent to the analytics server I'm building?

I want to add analytics to my website but I do not want to use google analytics. My idea was to create an express server and expose a public analytics endpoint where I send my requests to. This is ...
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Use Google Analytics to figure out which events happen just before visitor exit

I am trying to track what a visitor does immediately prior to exiting our website. Specifically I have a number of events that are being logged and I would like to know which one, if any, happened ...
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How can I view the ecommerce conversation rate for users who triggered a custom event in GA4?

In Google Universal Analytics I used to create segments of users who triggered a custom event. After creating them I could use these in comparisons on dashboards but also in custom Data Studio (Looker ...
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Are eventParameters in gtag event required?

Simple question, in a gtag event, can we do just this : gtag('event', 'generate_lead'); instead of gtag('event', 'generate_lead', { 'value': '2', 'currency': 'USD', '...
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Can a Google Analytics goal fire only the first time a user does something?

I have an app where users can create new projects.I would like to create a Google Analytics goal for when a user creates a project for the first time. I currently have an event set up on the site ...
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Element visibility with Google Tag Manager

I'm trying to know how far my users scroll on my website. With Google Tag Manager I've set a trigger that fire an event when some marked element appears on the page. It's working but something strange ...
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Google analytics track product id

I have a website where users can add products to favorites. I want to track how many user are using this feature, and later be able to access this information to see how this feature is performing ...
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How do I link Google Analytics Goal to a Google Tag Manager Tag?

I am attempting to setup a goal for our "Book a Demo" form on our website. I setup the GTM and it is firing, but I cannot get my Google Analytics Goal to recognize the tag that I have setup. I don't ...
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How to compare pageviews in a conten group versus certain event happens in that pages using Google Analytics?

I have a custom search page in my website that uses several input forms. I added an event ga('send', 'event', 'Product', 'click') whenever a user clicks on the product link in the search result list. ...
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How to send custom values in google tag manager

I am working on tag certain events with google tag manager but I have a doubt about sending custom value, I'm defined an event like this In the value field I'm sending a data layer value defined as ...
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How can I filter the events in Google Analytics using the new calculated metrics feature?

I'm using this formula to get the conversion rate (and yes I know about Goals Conversion rate but they use unique events for that) {{Total Events}} / {{Sessions}} I want to pass a parameter to the ...
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Why don't dashboard widgets display custom dimension data for dates other than the current day in Google Analytics?

I currently send events to my Google Analytics account with custom dimensions and custom metrics. I use the measurement protocol to send these events. I set a Dashboard with a widget per custom ...
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GTM - variable '_event' - return type and value is undefined

Here is my code on the site window.dataLayer.push({ event: 'contact_form_index_en'}) But in GTM console in the Variables tab I see the following: What is this variable _event? Where is it coming ...
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Implementing google analytics in Next.js

I'm trying to implement google analytics in Next js. I included scripts and when i type dataLayer in console I can see this (2) [Arguments(2), Arguments(3), push: Proxy(Function)] 0 : Arguments(2) ['...
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Exit "Events" on one site drastically differ from the corresponding "Acquisition" data on another site

I have a site (mysite) that refers users to another (othersite). Tracking how many referrers mysite sends to the othersite is crucial. I have access to analytics for both. On mysite, when a user ...
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How to view events per user/session in Google Analytics dashboard?

I've added custom segments of the users that did the specified event category. However, I can't view simultaneously number of users and number of events on the same dashboard, which should have been ...
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