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Questions tagged [amazon-s3]

Amazon Simple Storage Service - an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Service.

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Accessing distribution URL directly gives XML error

I'm currently setting up the Amazon Cloudfront distribution and S3 bucket for my Wordpress website. I set up new S3 bucket for the site and i'm using the S3 offload plugin for wordpress to store any ...
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Images on Google Search Results not showing from S3

For a django-based website that uses Amazon S3 to handle static images, Google seems to inconsistently show the page's main image in the search results. Sometimes it shows, and sometime's it doesn't. ...
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AWS S3 file names / prefered method of managing files in a bucket

I have an S3 bucket set up to host my static files for an EC2 instance. (I'm still learning about the deployment process, so I am currently using Django's runserver command, not a real server, if ...
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How to set interval for aws application load balancer logs in s3 bucket

I have successfully enabled logging or my application load balancer and it saves the logs to my s3. Right now it is saving the logs into Amazon > S3 > xxxxxxxx-logs/ AWSLogs / xxxxxxxxxxxx / ...
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Transfering AWS S3/Cloudfront/iAm between User Accounts

I have a Rails site that makes heavy use of S3 and Cloudfront, with a non-trivial setup including multiple buckets for each environment (dev, staging production) and heavily tweaked Cloudfront ...
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133 views is working but has invalid certificate using an AWS S3 bucket and cloudfront

On AWS, I created two S3 buckets. One for and one for I selected the option "Use this bucket to host a website" for and selected "Redirect requests" on www....
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Why does my Route 53 domain say "server transfer prohibited"? It it a problem I need to fix?

So recently I made the switch back and forth from a static website (s3 bucket) to lightsail (so I've had to reconfigure my R53 settings a few times, & of course something had to go wrong in the ...
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