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Is it good for SEO to have domain alias that describes company service? [duplicate]

I have bought a domian that is like Where service is eg. "haircut". Is it good to have this kind of domains as aliases to main domain company.example? What would be best for SEO,...
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Is there an alternative to .htaccess?

Is there an alternative to .htaccess, in case the webhoster disabled the use of .htaccess files? I can set some PHP variables and headers inside the PHP files but how can I perform actions like ...
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how to retrieve img alt text with jquery or javascript? [closed]

Which is the code with which we can retreive alternative text of image: It is a Cataloge with clothes. Dressers, Shirts, Skirts e.t.c. in front page of a site. The featured images of the categories ...
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Self hosted alternative to Picasa? [closed]

Does anybody know a (free) alternative to Picasa, which I can host on my own server, or is there a way to host Picasa on my own server?
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Do alternatives to Google AdSense bring better revenues all other things being equal? [closed]

Assuming the same number of ads on a page and the same traffic, do alternatives to Google AdSense bring more (less) revenues? Does anyone have experience to share?
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Alternative to the deprecated Google Web Seach API

This question is slightly related to the question located here. My current solution is using the deprecated Google Web Search API - but since it's deprecated, qeuries to the API is now limited. This ...
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SEO Is it Good or Bad to add Company Name to Title Attribute? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is the title attribute (not tag) important to SEO? So while I'm filling out title / alt attributes I noticed I was just automatically adding my company name to almost every ...
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Google AdSense alternative for the Netherlands

The AdSense account of a client of mine got banned by Google, after filing a reconsideration requests it ends in a permanent deactivation. I'm now investigating the alternatives he has when it comes ...
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Any free/affordable alternatives to Polldaddy? [closed]

I'm looking for a free/cheap embeddable poll that I can just stuff in an iframe - the page I've been tasked to maintain has been created in iWeb, which does not generate anything but the final markup ...
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