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ahrefs Warnings about URLs in sitemap and redirects

Please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere but it's been doing my head in and I've been reading up about this for hours. I have a good health score for my website using ahrefs but there are 3 ...
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Google rankings tanked a month ago, can't understand why [duplicate]

Started my site in July 2022, but it never started to rank. Might be because I messed up trying to make it multi-language. 301 redirect Because my site never started to rank, I did a 301 redirect to a ...
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126 views Site Audit quite often incorrectly reports broken links to NextJS JavaScript files

Our site uses NextJS. When the site is rebuilt after code changes, the links to JavaScript files change. Quite often, the site audit crawl detects links to broken JS files. Every time I ...
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Why are Semrush and Ahrefs reporting 403 forbidden on FontAwesome Kits, despite crossorigin?

Having authorized my domain from within Font Awesome kit, and included crossorigin attribute in both my link and script tags as below, both ahrefs and semrush crawl reports continue to give me the ...
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Why doesn't Google follow the links on my site while crawling?

Google doesn't seem to realize that there are links on my page. I don't yet have provided a sitemap, and I know that I should (and I will). Regardless, I'm trying to figure out whether I've done ...
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ahrefs site auditing reports a redirect chain that I cant't see. What's causing this?

ahrefs site auditing, reports a redirect chain that I cant't see. Surely, only the first ruleset should be activated. What's causing this ? domain Redirect chain URLs ...
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Best practice for dealing with shopify canonical url mess [redirects?]

What is the best practice for dealing with "no internal links to canonical URLs" SEO issue. Linking to the canonical URL is not a viable solution for me so I was considering using 301 ...
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Ahrefs reached max crawl depth, could it be caused by robots.txt changes?

Three weeks ago I add this in my robots.txt to disallow pagination so it will not appear in the Google index: User-Agent: * Disallow: /blog/1 Disallow: /blog/2 Disallow: /blog/3 Disallow: /blog/4 ...
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Ahrefs reports that a page a few weeks old is ranking for few organic keywords

We recently created a web page. It's indexed on google and everything looks right when we check it through the search console but, for some reason, tools such as ahrefs and moz show there is are no ...
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Ahrefs reports "Fetching robots.txt took too long"

My robots: User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin Disallow: /sistema Disallow: /site Disallow: /old Sitemap: In the google test tool:
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Ahrefs reports that new blog posts are "orphan pages"

I have one custom PHP website and an integrated Wordpress blog with the website. When I publish any blog on the website, Ahrefs treats that blog as orphan pages. I have done interlinking all the blog ...
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Why does Ahrefs still report low organic traffic for our site?

I'm using for backlink analysis. The site has grown significantly in last months - this website. The number of indexed pages is around 1040 at the moment. Also, our blog has produced some ...
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