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Is it legal to use the APIs of, Eventbrite etc, to aggregate their event data into one place, similar to Google?

I have a predicament. I'm trying to build a platform that will basically be a place where all events, online/offline, are listed. Initially - my platform will obviously have zero events, because ...
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3 votes
1 answer

SEO way to create a big website with small aggregate ones

Let's say I have this website that has a service that allows to register a lot of recipes. Each recipe belongs to one or more categories. Now I would like to create specialized websites. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Will Google crawl a news/RSS aggregator site?

I know how to code. I know how to set up a news/RSS aggregator site. But I don't know if Google will crawl it. Will Google crawl such a site? The site will have a listing of all the aggregated news ...
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3 votes
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RSS aggregator with related Google News

Does anybody know of a script that would allow me to aggregate RSS feeds (and possibly have users submit their own) while also identifying related/similar headlines much like Google News? I don't ...
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3 answers

Aggregating customer service emails from multiple ecommerce sites for easy handling

For one of my main customer help email addresses I use Mozilla Thunderbird with a combination of tags and saved searches. As the number of my e-commerce sites grows from 1 to more, customer service ...
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