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2 answers

What does the % new session metric in GA Content Experiment refer to?

My understanding of the GA entity hierarchy model is the the profile entity is the parent of the experiment entity. If you go to the content experiment dashboard, click the site usage tab in the ...
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Google Analytics - relatively compare segments

Is there a way to relatively compare two different segments in Google Analytics over time? For example, I'd like to see the percentage of the segment mobile traffic (segment A) which comes from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to create a GA segment for all users who did not complete an event on the website?

I want to analyze the behavior flow for all the users who did not complete the events I have created using Tag Manager. I am not sure which conditions to use while creating the segment.
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Temporarily combine Google Analytics segments for reporting

When using segments in Google Analytics reports, they are always applied to the data as an "or" operator to compare (understandably so), but I'm looking for a way to apply them temporarily as an "and"....
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In Google Analytics, how do you only show data for a subset of pages?

I have a web application which consists of the application itself and marketing pages. How do I show data only for the marketing pages? Location, OS, devices etc. I have created a custom segment ...
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How to make an Analytics segment that is "Everyone not in this other segment"

I have a segment I've created in Google Analytics (called it "segment X"), and now I want to make a new segment that is "Everyone not included in segment X" -- how can I do that? (BTW segments are so ...
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4 answers

Google Analytics: Count how many times specific event is fired per session

Long question short How to measure in how many sessions the event in category x with label y is fired more than once? Long question long When the user clicks on a specific link on my website, I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Google Analytics Segments w/ Conditions: Boolean order of operations?

Using Google Analytics, I'm trying to create a "supported browsers" segment using the Conditions section, but the boolean order of operations isn't occurring as expected. A simple example is below. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

number of unique users fired a specific event using google analytics segments

I'm trying to find the number of unique users who fired the event of enabling the widget using Google Analytics. I created a segment based on the relevant Category and Action of this event but I'm ...
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1 answer

How to see how much 2 segments overlap in Google Analytics?

I want to see the amount of traffic that is in both "Segment A" and "Segment B". Can I do that in Google Analytics?
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Visit counts in Google Analytics advanced segments not consistent

My organization has recently noticed an issue when applying advanced segments to visit counts during different time ranges. With no advanced segments turned on, here are the visit counts for Oct 1st -...
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1 answer

Google Analytics - viewing sessions that visited a directory

If I create a segment in Google Analytics to filter sessions that include a Page that starts with a directory name, will that segment show me all sessions where users visited at least one url in that ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Exclude URL from contributing pageviews to Google Analytic's reports

I want a specific URL to not contribute pageviews Google Analytics default reports, but I don't want to use a filter because as I understand it, once I filter out the data, It's lost forever and I can'...
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Why does the same regex work in Google Analytics Segments but not Filters?

I am using the following regex to exclude spam sites: (social\-buttons\.com|darodar\.com|free\-share\-buttons\.com|buy\-cheap\-online\.info|Get\-Free\-Traffic\-Now\.com|hol\.es|hulfingtonpost\.com|...
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Google Analytics segment of users with single sessions not working

When I tried to get users segment who just had a single session (In lifetime) and their conversions, I am surprised to see that more than 50% of such users have transactions. However, when I saw User ...
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Why does Google Optimize experiment segment show error message while trying to access behaviour flow?

I have a simple question whenever I try accessing behaviour flow with an Experiment ID with variant segment it gives me this error message - This segment contains constraints that cannot be applied to ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How do I create a custom report in Google Analytics of just users that have viewed a product detail page?

I have a Segment which identifies Users who view at least 1 Product Detail Page during their session. I'm trying to create a quick shortcut to a comprehensive view of these Users behaviours during ...
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Create a Google Analytics segment for users that visit my site every month and every other month

I'm trying to determine page popularity for users that visit regularly. I want the Behavior > All Pages report, but only for users that have visited the site at least once each month. I'm unclear if ...
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Segmenting multiple sites in Google Analytics

Our company uses templates in order to build websites for multiple clients. In addition to tracking each site's analytics individually, I also added a tag manager code for an aggregate GA account. The ...
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Create a Segment of users who only visited one part of my website in Google Analytics

The website in question has different parts and functionality. E.g. one part is a blog, another a shop and then there are meta-pages. The site is structured as follows: ...
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