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A way to test which version of a website performs better by showing one version to 50% of its visitors and another version to the remaining 50%.

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Can calling mixpanel.track cause reattribution of conversions in Mixpanel funnels?

I am currently using MixPanel to A/B test which of two different landing page images converts better. At the beginning of each hit to the page, I do mixpanel.track('Main', {illustration_ab : '{{...
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A/B testing in Optimize/Analytics with landing page variants and a Mailchimp Embed Signup Form

I have a landing page I'm A/B testing in Google Optimize, trying to see which variant of the landing page yields the most email signups. The problem is, I can count how many signups through the site I ...
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Google Optimize Experiment sessions not divided equall

During my two recent Google Optimize 'Redirect' experiments that I have run, traffic has not been divided equally over the variants within my experiment. I have set the weight of each page equally (...
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How can I track in Google Analytics a long list of all the A/B tests a user is assigned?

For our site's A/B testing requirement we need to track all the tests a visitor is experiencing. This is set to grow to around 100 potentially running concurrently in the future. We would like to ...
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Will switching to server side experiments improve performance and eliminate the bias introduced by client side experiments?

We have a server site rendering React application and currently are using client site A/B testing tool. The issue here is following: User comes to the site Server loads default version Client detects ...
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Google Optimize A/B testing freezes the homepage

I'm trying to run 4 A/B tests using Google Optimize, on the same domain. The test should exclude themselves via the targeting, however, in most cases when I access the homepage (see: test 1a, 1b below)...
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Tracking alternatives within goal funnels

I honestly have no idea how to phrase this better. I need to take a regular goal funnel tracking and make it report on a few alternatives within one of the steps. Here's an example: back button ...
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Why is GA Experiment crushing my whole report?

Until yesterday, we had a clean reporting of our content urls that looked like: /men/shirts/shirt-with-extended-lines?color=12988 But then we activated an experiment and since then we just see this ...
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How are Google Analytic experiments impacted by filters?

Google Content Experiments allow you to create experiments for A/B testing two pages, which then slowly converge on the "better" page depending how the goals are met. However how is this convergence ...
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Google Experiment with multi step shopping cart

I am attempting to run an experiment that tests an alternate checkout UI. For the experiment, I use the URL of the original checkout and the URL of the alternate checkout as a variation. Google ...
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