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Is it worth to preserve timestamps of files during server migration?

I am migrating a website from one Linux machine to another with the help of my hosting provider. Is it really worthy to ask them to preserve the timestamps while moving files? In that case, search ...
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When my origin serves a "304 Not Modified", Cloudflare sends "200 OK" and makes the user download the page again

I'm using Cloudflare to cache certain APIs. I'm setting the below headers in my Origin server: Cache-Control: public, must-revalidate, max-age=300 Basically, I'm instructing the browser here to cache ...
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Why I am not seeing HTTP 304 response codes in my Apache logs?

Why I am not seeing HTTP 304 response code in my Apache logs even though my webpages are sending them? I've checked this in Chrome console: My goal is to see which browsers are successfully using ...
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