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302 is the HTTP status code for a temporary redirect.

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Redirecting from blogger to custom domain [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to have a blogspot blog in my domain? i have a blog from blogger named as i am updating regulary. Then i bought a custom domain with myclipta....
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Should a link validator report 302 redirects as broken links?

A while ago, changed their URL structure from /commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9266 to /products/9266 This is nice, right? We don't need to know that it is (or was) a PHP page, ...
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Can I use a 302 redirect to serve up static content from an URL with escaped_fragment?

We would like to serve up SEO-friendly Ajax-driven content. We are following this documentation. Has anyone ever tried to write a 302 redirect into the .htaccess file, that takes the ?...
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wrong duplicate meta descriptions on webmaster tools

We have recently moved our site to a new platform with a different structure. We placed the correct 301 redirects from old pages, but also, some pages include 302 redirects for language-specific ...
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SEO and unique IDs in URLs

I have a web site at: when a new user first hits the web site I am creating a unique ID of 5 characters for them (for example abcde) and redirecting them to
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Redirect from the main page on multilanguage site

I've decided to start developing multilingual web site. Now I'm thinking about the structure. The idea is to use a simple algorithm to find out what language is most interesting to the visitor when he ...
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302 Redirect causes garbage at end of Wordpress link in Facebook

When I try to link my Wordpress blog to Facebook, the url doesn't resolve properly. There's garbage appended at the end and Facebook is not able to retrieve information from the site. Happens in ...
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Is there any SEO value from an external link that passes through a 302 redirect on the external site?

Our local Chamber of Commerce has an incoming link to us, but they are using an internal ASP page to process the link and using a 302 redirect to send that page to our site. So our anchor text on ...
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When redirecting from http to https in a shop site, which status code should I use?

On a shop website, when "Pay now" is clicked we perform a header redirection to the same URL, just an SSL secured https version. In such a common scenario, should we use a permanent (301), a ...
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302 Moved Temporarily or 301?

HTTP status code checker tool shows HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily for the home page URL (just a namesake URL). Also, this URL opens up As you ...
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Effective seo for 302 temporarily moved

I am currently working on a blog and the site is structued such that when you go to the url eg: you are redirected to (the ...
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301 vs 302 redirect for ?url=URL

I have the following URL for affiliates: The value of url will change all the time. For this, I have ...
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