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302 is the HTTP status code for a temporary redirect.

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Mobile version of a website showing up on my desktop google search

I search certain keywords in desktop google search and mobile version of my website shows up, vise versa. I use some methods to solve this problem: use <link rel="alternate"> and <link rel="...
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SEO / Redirect from category to unique product in it

I am working on an e-commerce website with a category page for each model in stock. The category page let the visitor compare the main characteristics of products before accessing more details on the ...
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No cookie is sent in a document request redirecting from another domain

The scenario happens when users placing orders on my site and use a third party payment method. They would go to the third party site and complete the payment (via POST request form submission). If ...
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How to redirect to the latest post/article correctly without impacting SEO?

I'm working on a site that will showcase the latest photos from photographers and there'll be minimum text e.g. description of the photo, location of the photo, etc. The site will deployed using ...
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What URL will Google index when affiliate URLs first 302 redirect and then have a canonical?

Look please at this setup: There is a main vendor on the main domain, There are different (many) affiliates, having own subdomains,,, Affiliate ...
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How do I create a RewriteCond for when the query string contains "*" or "?"

If query string contains "star symbol" or ? then I need to redirect to other page, how to check in the following condition that thequery string contains "star symbol" or ?. RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING}...
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SEO: Redirect root to a sub-dir, build new content on root, keep old rankings for redirected sub-dir

I want to move our page from site.example to but keep the SEO rankings from when that same content resided on the root domain. Then I want to build back up the site.example ...
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Using Redirect 301/302 vs URL shortening service

I'm currently developing an aggregator site that will gather information across many many sites, typically this kind of applications put together relevant topics and display different information from ...
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Why are redirected URLs displayed in SERP?

I use a permalink redirect mode for affiliate links. Something similar to → this will 302 redirect to All these redirected URLs display in search using the ...
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Googlebot not indexing language subdirectory

I've language based subdirectories, which is changed by user's country. Let's say if user request from Poland 302 redirects to 301 redirects to
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Search Console Fetch Not Found and Redirect

When fetching a URL in Search Console i get 3 results; success, redirect and not found. Can I ignore the redirect warnings or is Google telling me there is a problem? The not found pages; I can not ...
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