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What is .well-known/traffic-advice directory?

I'm getting lots of requests from Googlebot on the .well-known/traffic-advice directory on my server. What is it and what are they looking for? Should I add something to this directory, and if yes ...
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sitemap.xml and serviceworker.js are location-sensitive files. But sensitive to the location in the request path or to the actual filesystem location?

I really like the idea of using .htaccess rewrite rules in combination with the /.well-known/ folder for keeping my webspace tidy and coherently / consistently organised. For instance, I know that ...
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Why do empty .well-known directory keep appearing?

One of my servers is used to serve multiple domains and some subdomains of those. It is using a standard LAMP stack with cPanel for people to configure and monitor their domains. On that server only, ...
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What is the .well-known/ directory and how should I set it up?

In my Webmaster's Tools crawl errors I have a few access denied locations: .well-known/apple-app-site-association .well-known/assetlinks.json .well-known/.com I had a look at RFC 5785 but I didn't ...
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