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What are "bad" backlinks and how would I know which ones to remove? [duplicate]

My website had a drop in traffic and one SEO guy suggested to me that I should remove bad backlinks. Now I need to know what's considered a "bad" backlink, and how would I know which ones to remove?
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Why would a website with keyword stuffing rank higher than one without in google search results?

Like some other websites, I try to maintain a balance in keywords in comparison to other words. I ran tests of my (optimized) website as well as a (keyword stuffed) competitor website via this SEO ...
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Google search results shows every page on my site as a separate result [duplicate]

I'm new to SEO but been working for a while in our own company site, I have fetch and probe everything in the GSC even sent a update sitemap recently, already processed and everything is cool, but ...
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What exactly is a bad backlink that is Disavow worthy?

I have been reading Webmasters SE and many other blogs on this topic but I could not understand how do we truly evaluate a bad link that we must disavow in GWT. Everybody seem to have a different ...
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What should I do about spammy backlinks from suspect websites reported in Search Engine Console?

I have a lot of backlinks (it seems crawlers or something similar) in google console from domains like these : https://...
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Bold Text vs Header tags for Titles and Subtitles

I am debating if Google and search engines would treat my SEO and indexing of my articles better or different if I use <h2>Sub-title in my article</h2> for subtitles of my articles over ...
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SEO value in links from same hosting account

I have a number of websites on my hosting account - all of these belong to me. One of these websites is a website development consultancy / agency - assume this is my day job. The other websites ...
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When does a good link become toxic

It is my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong but with Google's penguin and daily BACKLINK algorithms it will do several checks before rewarding for the link. It will then regularly check that ...
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Remove backlinks from bad sources or not?

I've been reading that Google can actually penalize you if some spammy websites backlinks to you, which I found totally unfair as I have lots of websites linking to me that I've never heard of. And ...
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Are the links in JavaScript considered as Toxic Backlinks? [duplicate]

I have the similar question as asked at Does Google count external Javascript or CSS files as backlinks? Actually, I have suddenly found an increase in a number of backlinks and decrease in my SEO ...
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When is a good time to disavow?

Currently my client has achieved top 3 rankings on 4 keywords; however: currently we have quite some horrible backlinks which have definitely affected us in the past. One of the latest Google ...
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What are objective criteria to assess if a backlink should be banned with Google's Disavow Tool? [duplicate]

Google's Search Console gives the possibility to list all backlinks from other domains to your site, which are an important factor for search engines to determine your site's ranking, popularity and ...
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