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Well structured URLs vs. URLs optimized for SEO

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Title tag different from title appearing in Google?

I'm just wondering how it is possible that has this in its title tag: Video Games, Cheats, Walkthroughs, Game Trailers, Reviews, News, Previews & Videos at IGN while on Google its ...
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How does Google find a domain with no links to it?

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My title tag doesn't appear to be getting crawled by Google properly [duplicate]

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Why would a website with keyword stuffing rank higher than one without in google search results?

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<h1> - Semantic impact vs. SEO impact

There's a lot of debate over the architecture of heading structure in html5. After reading various articles, I've come to three possible architectures that make logical sense to me, but I'm unsure ...
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Title in Google does not match <title> of document [duplicate]

One of my project's title tag doesn't appear to be getting crawled by Google properly. The title tag of the home page reads: <title>Grande Prairie Jobs | Job Board for Grande Prairie, Alberta ...
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SEO on Single Page Website and Content keywords

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Website logo text - best tag for SEO purposes?

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Headers vs. lists vs. sections vs. articles for SEO

I haven't been able to fully grasp when to use each of these. I guess a lot of times it could go either way, but my real question here is what is best for SEO? Senario: You have a homepage broken ...
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Improve Google ranking for general vs. specific keywords

If a keyword phrase contains another keyword phrase (eg. "one two three four five" → "one two three"), does improving SERP ranking for the shorter phrase "one two three" (using backlinks) ...
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