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Why would my website language be incorrectly detected, and how do I set it to the right language? [duplicate]

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Chrome says my website is do I "force" chrome to use english? [duplicate]

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Which method is the best to specify the language of a page?

There seems to be two ways to specify the language of a page: <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"> and <html lang="en-us"> Which one is the preferred way? I know I ...
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Google is displaying "Translate this page" based on a previously registered domain inbound links

I recently started a new project with a newly registered generic tld domain. As soon as Google started indexing the page, it displayed a "translate this page" in SERP's, which tries to translate the ...
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How to inform search engines that my site support multilanguages?

The website i am working on is translated to 8 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese). Each time the user select a language, the URL stays the same as ...
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Google incorrectly offers to "translate this page" the homepage. No issue for other pages

First off, this is probably a duplicate of: How can I prevent Google mistakenly offering to translate a page? But the question above was posted back in 2010, things might be different in 2016. ...
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Stackexchange meta tags [duplicate]

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Creating sites with local ips that pointing to a distant server

We are a company that is distributed in several places over Europe (real offices). Each office has its own domain. And so. Our website servers are located in one ...
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German content on English page

Would there be any negative effects from uploading German content (job advertisement) to a page template that's tagged up as being in English? We will not be able to edit the meta tags to signal that ...
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Page indexing issues [closed]

I have a problem when indexing in google search engine. There is a page, so a few days later I noticed that it was ...
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