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SEO - File naming [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I use hyphens or underscores? Hi For the file name "mission-and-vision.htm" or "mission_and_vision.htm", which one is good for SEO(separator "-" or "_")? Thanks
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What is the correct and better language code format in URL and hreflang? [duplicate]

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Should i change EXISTING (NOT NEW) Urls with underscores to hyphens for SEO? [duplicate]

Please note that this is for existing URLs, not new. I know that Google says it is recommended to have Url's to display a hyphen(-) instead of a underscore(_) in the url as a keyword seperator ...
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properly formatting an information-friendly URL [duplicate]

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Should I use a file extension or not?

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Does using spaces in a URL affect SEO?

When creating URLs for my website I need to use a space, for example home I've seen some sites using + or -, what are the advantages of using space, + and - (dashes) in SEO? ...
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Why use underscores in URLs with UTMs?

Back in the day (2005), Matt Cutts said "use dashes, not underscores" in URLs. But that was before search engines got smart, and now it seems it doesn't really matter what you use in canonical URLs. ...
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What URL with French words does Google like?

We are looking for an answer to "what to do with French URL's?" We are going to generate a lot of French URL's this include characters like: L'test tést thîs is a test So we have a few ...
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For multiple pages about each city, how should I structure my URLs?

Let's say I have a profile page ex. www.domain.tld/London.html and inside the page links to gallery, history, directions, etc. I use mod_rewrite so the extension .html just tell me that it's a profile ...
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Are plusses a good second character to use for spaces in URLs for SEO when dashes are already in use?

I was wondering if the following is good for SEO. I have a webshop with categories and products. Products can contain - themselves. For example, one of the URLs would be: http://SITE/products/...
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Best practices with multiple categories/tags etc. on URL (SEO) [duplicate]

I'm on the process of building my eshop platform and encountered a SEO issue. My next step is to develop a searching box, where user searches the products of a specific category (say, desktops). This ...
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