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Is it possible to ignore href links on page in search results? [duplicate]

I've got a page that has been indexed by Google however the page requires users to select an option in a popup before continuing ie. Are you a practitioner? Yes/No If the user selects yes the popup ...
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Prevent search engines from indexing specific images on a page

A website I'm working on has a team section. Every team member has a dedicated site. On the site's bottom of each team member three other team members are displayed randomly. What happens here is ...
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Having inside noindex on one page?

I have an e-commerce website that reuses a snippet to render products on the category, search and cart pages (for the upsell area, and not the actual cart contents). The snippet uses the ...
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Should I hide the content inside the cookies law compliance banner from search engines?

I am working on my first website.I am working on the last steps before deploying it. Now I am facing the law compliance requirements. Right now it is mandatory by GDPR to show the cookies compliance ...
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How to avoid that H1 tag is used for SEO, "fake" H1 with CSS

What is the best and easiest way to provide something like the H1 tag but in a way that it doesn't affect google rankings? Our homepage sometimes is used for advertisement, this should be in the H1 ...
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Will Googlebot click a button/link to reveal AJAX content?

my client has to inform it's customers about some new regulations that the Googlebot should NOT crawl. It is not possible to place this information on a separate page and disallow Google to crawl it. ...
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Is there something like anti-seo techniques? To NOT be found by certain keywords? [duplicate]

I wonder if there is something like anti-seo techniques, enabling me to make a website less findable for certain keywords? For example: I manage a massage website. This website is purely for massages ...
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Get local search to focus on our main office address and ignore satellite offices without using text images

We have 1 head office and 2 satellite offices in different cities. Our SEO focuses on our head office in various citation listings. We have been recommended to change our contact page so that our ...
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Is blocking googlebot from accessing portions of the site with robots.txt penalized by Google?

I was reading this question. Let's say i have a div with something useful for users but i don't want it to be considered by Google. If i put this on an iframe and block the googlebot with robots.txt ...
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Does google index and view the text via OCR on images?

I have a business with a google places address. Now I need that same business address for another one of my websites. I don't want to use the same text address for new website as this will dilute ...
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Prevent search engines from indexing the text in the sidebar that isn't related to the main content but still allow them to follow the links there

I am developing a CMS in PHP. I have a sidebar on most pages and also some other widgets. For example "read other articles" or a list of categories. Google does index that random-like content as part ...
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Restrict google from indexingcertain content on my page

I have an ecommerce shop with ~10 000 items. I wrote parser to load this items to my website from another website. But items description is not unique. So I am afraid that google can bun my website. ...
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Preventing some parts of the pages of a site from being indexed [duplicate]

My website has links like: <a href="messages.aspx">Messages<span>3</span></a> Well google indexes these links as: Messages3 I have read some articles for preventing google ...
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SEO: How to stop specific sections of a page from being crawled? [duplicate]

I would like to display customer reviews from another website (with their agreement) own my own site for certain product pages. Using these 3rd party reviews would be helpful for users, though there'...
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Robots.txt - CSS allow or disallow

Are CSS and templates allowed in robots.txt? Should it cause any problems? In Joomla, CSS and templates are disallowed in the robots.txt. Please help me find a solution to whether or not put ...
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