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Having inside noindex on one page?

I have an e-commerce website that reuses a snippet to render products on the category, search and cart pages (for the upsell area, and not the actual cart contents). The snippet uses the ...
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Prevent search engines from indexing the text in the sidebar that isn't related to the main content but still allow them to follow the links there

I am developing a CMS in PHP. I have a sidebar on most pages and also some other widgets. For example "read other articles" or a list of categories. Google does index that random-like content as part ...
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Does google index and view the text via OCR on images?

I have a business with a google places address. Now I need that same business address for another one of my websites. I don't want to use the same text address for new website as this will dilute ...
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Is blocking googlebot from accessing portions of the site with robots.txt penalized by Google?

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Get local search to focus on our main office address and ignore satellite offices without using text images

We have 1 head office and 2 satellite offices in different cities. Our SEO focuses on our head office in various citation listings. We have been recommended to change our contact page so that our ...
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Is it possible to ignore href links on page in search results? [duplicate]

I've got a page that has been indexed by Google however the page requires users to select an option in a popup before continuing ie. Are you a practitioner? Yes/No If the user selects yes the popup ...
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