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Is it OK the hide one H1 tag and replace it wth another one?

Is it OK if I use display:none to hide the theme's default h1 tag on single post and replace with another one I manually place? This is done for styling purpose. Generally, does display:none affect ...
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Does a large (hidden) submenu count towards site content in tems of determining page similarities?

Basically, I have this site that recently lost a lot of traffic after I optimized the html, the exact reasons to which are uncertain. The graph of impressions (times a page appears on search listings) ...
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Should I use CSS to hide a duplicative menu or does it need to be removed from the page source for SEO?

The only thing I have in my sidebar menu is a navigation menu and the only thing that makes that navigation menu unique is a link to my contact form instead. I think to remove the burger-sidebar (...
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Do HTML elements with the boolean attribute hidden get picked up by search engines?

I recently learned of the existence of the hidden attribute. It basically hides elements that are not relevant in the current state of the webpage (e.g., a user that is not logged in): <p hidden>...
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Does google always downrank pages with hidden texts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are temporarily hidden elements bad for search-engine rankings? I'm creating a FAQ for my page. To help the user to get a better overview I want to hide all answers and only ...
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Seo using a container with class hidden with links inside as fallback of a carousel SSR

I'm using svelteKit and swiper to make a carousel. It works fine, and it is pretty cool, but the problem is there is no HTML output as SSR. Inside the carousel, I've got a bunch of linked articles. To ...
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Will using this CSS solution for Facebook Page Follow plugin violate search engine guidelines?

I encountered a problem with the Facebook Page Follow plugin on my website where the plugin would disappear when I rotated my device (changing orientation), despite initially appearing correctly. To ...
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