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Is it a good idea to redirect to or keep both ?
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SEO and www to non-www (and vice versa) AFTER having settled for some time in one of them [duplicate]

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Diff. between with www & without www [duplicate]

Is there any diff. if I submit my site to google with www or without www? Which is best way to submit from above?
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which one is better [duplicate]

I don't know whether I land to exact forum site or not! if anyone knows the answer please provide Hello community My question is most of the domains on the first page has non-WWW URL thereby If I ...
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www vs non-www in seo [duplicate]

I recently overhauled a website for a client. Their preference was to switch from a www url to a non-www url as part of the redesign. Once we launched the site, it took a major plummet in its ...
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Removing non-www support

I'm not an advocate of the no-www movement. I like the www because it adds as a buffer to distinguish between our public and private/static sites. The problem is that with one of our sites, our ...
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10k views or HTTP:// – which one is futureproof? Which of these would you choose as your favourite to work with from 2016 onward? Which domain name would you mention to your ...
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What is the best way to redirect my naked domain?

I have, which points to web server using A records, I want to redirect all traffic from to As far as i know these are methods, 301 HTML redirect from www to ...
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Is (was) SEO the only reason to force the www. on domain names?

Following on from a response to the question Force www. on multi domain site and retain http or https - I was wondering if SEO (specifically, avoiding duplicate content penalties) was the only reason ...
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SEO/link-juice implications of 'www.' links versus links without 'www.'

I remember reading ages ago that it's a good idea to choose either or domainexamplecom as your main URL and then set the other one as a 301 redirect to point to your domain? The reason ...
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