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Why my website is excluding from search results after migration to https? [duplicate]

I've setup ssl certificate on my domain on 19th of February and redirected all pages to https version with 301 redirect code. From that day all of my indexed http pages are disappearing from results ...
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Search traffic significant drop since HTTPS migration [duplicate]

My website has seen a dramatic drop in search engine traffic (over 50%) since swapping to https 2 months ago. I have .htaccess rules for 301 redirects and since it is a Wordpress site, I also have a ...
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Collapse in Google Traffic After Domain Migration and SSL Certificate Install [duplicate]

We migrated our old URL ( to a new domain ( on April 5th, 2018. The new domain has been registered to us since 2013. Within 5 days web ...
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Recover after change in URL [duplicate]

I had my websites load over insecure HTTP ( and after going through all the experts' blabbering about how it's better to have sites load over HTTPS I set them all up to use SSL ...
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Huge drop [50%] in traffic after HTTPS move

Currently look after 3 websites. I changed one of them to be HTTPS as it's ecommerce, however have seen a huge drop in organic traffic since this was implemented. Went from around 800 impressions to ...
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HTTP to HTTPS: Wait for new sitemap to be indexed?

Running HTTP and HTTPS versions of the site side-by-side. HTTP is canonical right now. Goal is to change that to HTTPS. Created a new site in Search Console and submitted a new sitemap 4 days ago. ...
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Will http to https rewrite rule affect SEO ranking?

I recently started serving all my pages over https instead of http. I did so using this rewrite rule: <rule name="force https" stopProcessing="true"> <match url="(.*)" /> <...
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Search traffic dropped with HTTPS implementation

We have launched HTTPS version of site at 6 Oct. After few days (8 Oct.) Google dropped 40% of normal search traffic, and more 20% within next 2 days. SSL certificate was bought from GoDaddy, and ...
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home page of my site is not appear in google search, when I type

I am totally confused, when I place in google I see every page of my website in serp(search engine result page) except the home page. I don’t know why it’s happening but I check ...
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I transferred my domain from http to https but google search console is still indexing http. How to solve it?

I have done redirection from 301k as well as from the .htaccess file. The thing is redirection is working fine but still can not index my HTTPS page. While going through the google search console, I ...
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In terms of rankings how much 'MORE' does Google reward for HTTPS enabled websites

I have a ecommerce website that sells software and all transactions are secured using PayPal as the payment gateway. Since all transactions are secure using PayPals SSL it doesn't seem worth the time ...
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Do we NEED separate HTTP and HTTPS sitemaps for corresponding GSC properties?

We are in the midst of migrating from HTTP to HTTPS. According to Google Support, we need to have separate properties in GSC for each protocol. I also read that Google recommends that each property ...
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301 redirect to HTTPS with back links to prevent ranking problems when moving from HTTP

Would like to ensure my sites rankings are not affected by doing the wrong type of redirect so I have a site that has been on non HTTPS since it was purchased many years ago. Now I'm looking to change ...
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Google choosing HTTP URls as canonical than the HTTPS links in the canonical tags after a recent HTTPS migration

I have migrated my blog domain from HTTP to HTTPS. I am running my wordpress blog on AWS Bitnami. I have added necessary canonical on all the posts i.e <link rel="canonical" href="https://blog....
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HTTPS for website without form and login

I would like to know if it is necessary, to avoid Google penalties and chrome warnings, by enabled HTTPS on a website that does not have a login page or a form. In some cases the website can have a ...
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