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What Forum Software should I use?

My client wants a "lite" forum... not unlike these stack exchange sites, but even a little lighter.

There's a screenshot of the discussion group she likes most, below. You can also go here to see it for yourself it you like. I don't think traditional forum apps will display, functionally, in this manner.

Is there any software I can use to get a similar result? A web service would be acceptable as well.

enter image description here


What you're calling "lite" is pretty sophisticated compared to typical forum software. Both stackexchange and the Alliance Health evidence a lot of care in design; they may be deceptively simple looking. You might try emailing feedback@alliancehealth.com (or webmaster@ or postmaster@) to see if they'll tell you what software they're using, but I'd guess it is custom software and not available generally.

  • I didn't mean to suggest it wasn't excellent. Just that it has a lighter feel than a forum. But yeah, I don't think I want to ask them specifically, I looked it up and found some tidbits that it was indeed, completely custom. – Garrett Mar 4 '11 at 8:15

Try http://www.vanillaforums.org: it's not exactly like that site but it has some similar features, and is "lite".


Have a look at Drupal, it's not specifically forum software it's a generic CMS but has forum modules available for download. Because it's a CMS you can make it has heavy or lite as you like, and customise the themes.


Plenty of good answers here. I eventually found a wordpress theme called "Askit!" from Elegant Themes that did the trick. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. Thanks guys!

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