I had http://foo.tld/ cancelled because foo was a name too similar to a brand, so the DNS authority cancelled it. So I will register http://bar.tld/ to talk about 'foo'.

'foo' as ALIAS:


'foo' as /Directory/:


I personally prefer the Alias way, it one less /Directory/.

So my question is, how should I develop the website, or both ways are the same? Can anyone point out the differences?

  • Any content on foo.bar.tld will not help bar.tld. The semantic value of foo.bar.tld is no different than bar.tld/foo/. Of the two, I would use bar.tld/foo/ but do not put the home page in /foo. Just put foo stuff in /foo. That way, if you decide to talk about pooh, you have room for /pooh. ;-) Cheers!! – closetnoc Oct 4 '16 at 1:04

Google has stated, through Matt Cutts, that it doesn't matter to them. They also say what I would say, that foo.bar.tld is a separate site from bar.tld and bar.tld/foo is a sub of bar.tld.

So, if you want to keep foo unique from anything else, I would do foo.bar.tld. If foo is part of bar then do bar.tld/foo

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