My is actually a blogger.com blog , I use custom url on it and also use a custom theme. I do minor edits and insert certain html for features like "addthis" "disqus for comments" and etc.. My blog now show me two scroll bars. one is active the other acts like a window. The attached screenshot is here, Kindly help me resolving this issue. you can see it in the right side of the window. enter image description here

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My blog now show me two scroll bars

The outer, inactive, scrollbar is on the body. You have an inner div element (<div class="sitebwrap">) that contains all your content which also has a scrollbar because it appears to be inheriting overflow: auto from the body (parent element). You don't need overflow:auto on both.

However, this appears to be getting added by JavaScript - which is adding inline styles to the body element.

  • I have solved the issue it was happening because of pop up i used in my page for subscription. once i remove that particular script the problem went away. thanks for your support. – Sulthan Nov 3 '16 at 8:47

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