sadly someone in my family decided to be a casual Typo3 user. I want to help him, but I don't get their directory structure and want to keep my work clean in a Typo3 way. So here are some questions:

  1. What comes directly into /fileadmin?
  2. There is /Resources. Is it ok to store design related images like my sweet face, family photos, Logos, Icons, Videos in this Resource folder?
  3. If not, where should for example videos be stored in?
  4. Should all own folders be capitalized like Resources?

This is an question how you want to make it, there is nothing you must to have.

I recommend to have your template files outside of /fileadmin I use often /template for this.

As next step you should create folders for an structure you understand. Many customers try to place the files like the navigation structure, so they find the content belongs to them.

You can also create folders like Pictures, Videos, PDFand so on...

you dont need the captial letters. In TYPO3 they are use often camelCase, so it ends as example to picturesOfWedding or simplay pictures/wedding/john...

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