I want to rewrite/return request to new one

I have:

  • map

    map $request $new_request {
        include url_rmap.conf;
  • file url_rmap.conf

    # here i have tried  all variations
    $scheme://d.dom https://any.other/address
    $scheme://d.dom/ https://any.other/address
    https://d.dom https://any.other/address
    https://d.dom/ https://any.other/address
  • server block

    server {
         listen ip:port;
         server_name a.dom b.dom aa.a.dom w.c.dom d.dom;
         # first try 
         if($new_request) {
               return 301 $new_request;
         # also second with @redirect-nap
         location / {
            # Support Clean (aka Search Engine Friendly) URLs
            try_files  @redirect-map $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; 
         location @redirect-map {
              if ($new_request) {  # redirect if the variable is defined
                    return 301 $new_request;

both ways with to call https://d.dom fail to redirect and have no effect. why?

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