What is the recommended Schema.org markup for a page with a list of blog posts?

For example this page: https://www.ultimatelifestylist.com/author/mahum-masood/

Would it be: ItemList, CollectionPage or BlogPosting?

I'm trying to link all the pages in a schema.


Using BlogPosting for the page wouldn’t make sense. The page contains several BlogPosting items, but the page itself is not a BlogPosting.

Using ItemList is appropriate, but note that this is not a WebPage type. It could be the mainEntity of a WebPage. An alternative could be to use Blog, but it’s also possible to use this only on the blog’s front page

So if you want to use a type for the actual page, you should use WebPage or one of its sub-types. The CollectionPage you mentioned is the best match for a page listing all blog posts of a specific author.

If the focus of the page is the person instead of the posts this person wrote, you could consider using AboutPage with a mainEntity of Person.


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