I'm looking at setting up a blog, and I think I want to go the static website compiler route, rather than the perhaps more conventional Wordpress route. I'm looking at using blogofile, but could use jekyll as well.

These tools recommend using disqus to embed a javascript comment widget on blog posts. I'd go that route, but I'd rather host the comments myself, rather than use a third party. I could certainly write my own dirt-simple comment server, but I was wondering if anyone knew of one that already exists (of the open source variety).


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    Disqus has a feature list ranging from realtime updates and media embedding to community profiles and fetching of external(eg. Twitter) reactions. Maybe you could be a little more specific what of all that you're actually looking for, because it's somewhat doubtful you're going to find all of it in one package.
    – Su'
    May 1, 2011 at 8:46

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Django has a comment module built in, and there are also many third-party comment modules.

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