I'm using namecheap, letsencrypt and apache. I registered with letsencrypt the domain and www, but it's not even getting to the "your connection is unsecure" page.

namecheap has an A record to my ip address for my server, as well as a 'URL redirect' from www to non-www

Apache has nothing special other than: SSLRequireSSL which seems to redirect all my links to SSL


Does not work

I've tried using a CNAME www record and a URL Redirect www record, and neither seem to fix my problem.

Another note is when force refreshing the page for https://www my browser says "Unable to connect".

Any ideas?

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The letsencrypt changed default-ssl.conf -> DocumentRoot was pointing at the default /var/www/html which was why I was getting a 403. Changed it to the correct path and now https://www redirects to non-www

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