I am building a website, where the landing page and some other content is based on node, express, angular2 etc.

I want to have a subdomain (blog.mydomain.com) which runs Hexo. On my development machine, I run hexo server to test the blog on localhost:4000. I can deploy to heroku by running hexo generate -deploy. So I have two questions - if I had a node app, where one of the sub-directories contained my current hexo project, how would I deploy it, as if I just uploaded the content, what would trigger hexo to run?

Secondly, how to I route from my main app, to the blog? I have seen a number of suggestions to use vhost with express. Would I run the two servers through different ports, and then just route /blog routes to0.0.0.0:4000 for example?


You'll need to run both node apps on different ports, I suggest using PM2, which is a free and popular tool.
Then you'll need to route from the different domains or folder to different ports.
NGINX is a very powerful tool, yet using apache is much easier to configure and will do what you need.

Here's how you might want to set your routing:
www.example.com:80 >> localhost:80
blog.example.com:80 >> localhost:4000
www.example.com >> localhost:80
www.example.com\blog >> localhost:4000

  • Thanks so much - that's really helpful. What does PM2 do? – George Edwards Aug 6 '16 at 19:16
  • PM2 lets you run multiple node processes in the background, keep them alive, monitor them, etc... – Ronen Teva Aug 6 '16 at 23:22

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