A lot of "Full Referrer" values are incorrect URLs in my Google Analytics reports: enter image description here

For example, the first value should be "yandex.ru" or "yandex.com", not just "yandex" (because this is not actually a URL).

1. Why is Google Analytics showing non-URL values in this columns?
2. And is there any way to get the actual full referrer URL?


you should create a custom report and add to them:

  • page (to see where traffic comes in)
  • source (which provides only a domain of referrer)
  • referral path (which is the full referrer url, but without domain)
  • if interesting, add as a metric pageviews

enter image description here

After you build it up, export it and merge columns with source and referral path to get full referrer urls.

  • Thanks for your help, Evgeniy. I created the exact custom report you suggested, but "source" dimension didn't contain the full domain for me. If domain is "website.com", most sources just contain the text "website": i.gyazo.com/7e763ebd774a207bbff70b4424b669a9.png
    – Sergey
    Jul 29 '16 at 15:51

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