Is it necessary to have Review markup if you have AggregateRating markup?

I would like to have a review snippet show up in the Google search results.

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    AggregateRating and Review aren't related, if you use Review you can specify its Rating with reviewRating
    – marcanuy
    Jul 18 '16 at 3:48
  • @marcanuy I think that if the website is about the Reviewing a Product with a Single Person then Review Markup. When it is a Group Review then AggregateRating Markup.
    – Alen
    Jul 19 '16 at 2:21

No, you don’t need Review items for getting the Aggregated Rating Rich Snippet.

See their examples:

Except for the AggregateRating item, they only contain the item that gets rated (Book in their case).

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