Regarding to this document I can send the Product Action List with detail or click.

The list or collection from which a product action occurred. This is an additional parameter that can be sent when Product Action is set to 'detail' or 'click'.

But in their (not so) complete example they do not use it in Product Action detail.

So I guess code should be look like this:

ga('ec:addProduct', {
    'id': <id>,
    'name': <product name>,
    'category': <category name>,
    'brand': <brand name>

ga('ec:setAction', 'detail', {list: <list name>});

Obviously this list parameter should only be set if the visitor came to this product detail page with a product list click.

I came across this because I have a quite large gap in my product list performance and I do not know why. Round about 25% of my product list clicks have a product list name of (not set).

But all my product list clicks are tracked with a list name. So I do not know why there are 25% (not set).

Since the documentation, I linked above, says that the list information only can be send with action detail or click, I doubt that it works for add (to cart) or checkout. So Google should be able to count the click in product list and view on product detail page to a certain product list.

I guess that I have to rethink about the add to cart part of my answer here.


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