A domain name I want to buy currently has a status of pending delete with GoDaddy. I've placed backorders with GoDaddy and DomainMonster, but is this enough?

I have googled and read a lot, but am struggling with conflicting advice that seems to go out of date quickly. DropCatch, NameJet and SnapNames are all frequently recommended, but other people say that GoDaddy has a monopoly on dropping names originally hosted by them.

I also want to avoid a situation where I cause a public auction and end up paying more than needed.

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The answer is, no, placing a backorder with GoDaddy for a domain that they currently hold does not guarantee they will catch the name.

The domain I wanted to buy dropped yesterday, and was picked up by DropCatch. Based on this experience, next time I would place orders with multiple backorder services to increase the chance of winning the domain.

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