We have multiple websites with different domains under single IIS endpoint. Each website has its own sitemap - sitemap1.xml and sitemap2.xml.

Can we implement rewrite rules so that www.example1.com/sitemap.xml will rewrite to www.example1.com/sitemap.xml and www.example2.com/sitemap2.xml?

  • I'm not sure I follow. Are you saying you want to rewrite one URL to two different things? Jun 28 '16 at 14:59

You could have it like this and just inform webmaster tools about the different affiliation.

  • /sitemap1.xml
  • /sitemap2.xml

Another option is to use a rewriting mechanism to rewrite calls to the corresponding sitemap file. Using .htaccess or IIS-rewrite.

  • domain1.com/sitemap.xml rewrites to /sitemap1.xml
  • domain2.com/sitemap.xml rewrites to /sitemap2.xml

IIS.net URL Rewrite
IIS rewrite Information

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