In our project we stored all users event data in our database for over one year , but it's not indexed.

now we are going to use google analytics to store our analytics and analyze the report using google analytics dashboard.

but before start using google analytics , i would like to emigrate all old statics (about 2 million events) to google analytics.

for this matter i should use Measurement Protocol and it's limit allow me to transfer 2 million hits with no problem.

but i didn't succeed to know how to set the time of the event. Measurement Protocol has Queue Time but google says :

Values greater than four hours may lead to hits not being processed.

how it's possible to transfer 2 million events to google analytics with there event time ?


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You can try this step by step. I think that the biggest problem is in data structure. You need to check that out. And also, I'm not sure if it can handle 2 million events at once. (Never had that many events for import) :)


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