I have one account on my vps that is hogging more than it's fair share of memory. How can I limit that account's memory usage?

  • Setting memory_limit in the php.ini? It appears as if this sets the memory per script – so that would change based on the number of pages or requests instead of the total for the account?
  • Setting the RLimitMEM in Apache sets a new memory limit for Apache processes. (in whm (Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Memory Usage Restrictions) That would also change the total memory based on requests instead of the total for the account?

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The only memory limitations currently supported are the ones that you have asked about. There is no way currently in cPanel to apply a memory limit on an account basis, only on a per script or per process basis. The issue you would encounter is how to apply a memory limit on a per account basis as each account does not spawn its own Apache process and if it did would be a waste of resources as the account would not always need that process to be active. If you are seeing performance issues try applying a per-scriipt php.ini memory limitation.

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