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With my limited understanding of domain names, I'm unsure as to how the ownership and purchase of domain names occurs. With the incredibly large number of potential domain names, it has to be assumed that there are more than zero domain names in existence which have not been purchased yet. Therefore, does that mean that they aren't owned? If so, would I be able to theoretically "acquire" said domain names without purchasing them, considering that they aren't anyone's intellectual property?

Thanks in advance

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    Theoretically any digital product or service can be free, but with any digital service or product, they have overheads to cover, from staffing to server costs. Sorry, but have to ask, what's the point of the question and what do you hope to get from it? – Simon Hayter Jun 13 '16 at 12:19

It is not the ownership of the domain name you are purchasing but the registration and service you are paying for as @Simon Hayter has pointed out. You still don't own the name. iow, if you were able to find a registrar that could register Apple.com for you, you will wouldn't own the name Apple and registering similar names can get you in legal trouble cause: you don't own the name.

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