Does Google Analytics import AdWords data from connected accounts for every querried report anew?

The reason I'm asking is, that I get a Clicks and Sessions Discrepancy warning in Google Analytics and the AdWords report in Analytics states the following:

enter image description here

While search shows the usual discrepancy, all other campaigns either don't track sessions or clicks.

A coworker, who manages the campaigns in AdWords told me he renamed the campaigns as follows:


  • Initially a display campaign accidentally called Remarketing was created. This campaign was later renamed Display 2
  • Also a new real Remarketing campaign got created afterwards (very recently)
  • Finally, an display campaign original called Display got renamed to Display 1 to be coherent with Display 2

My guess for part of the discrepancy is, that there are no clicks recorded for Display (without number) and Remarketing, because these campaigns were renamed in AdWords and therefore no longer exist. Hence, when the data from AdWords is querried the response returns 0. Since there is a new Remarketing campaign (with the exact same name as the old one) you would expect new sessions, but this campaign has just been installed.So, the 0 is still plausible.

Now, on the flip side, Display 1 was originally named Display and inherited it clicks. These clicks can't be matched by sessions in Analytics as this campaing got paused after getting renamed.

Finally, I can't explain why there are 0 sessions for the Display 2 campaign. While this campaign also inherited clicks from its former name Remarketing, it is active now and new clicks (and hence sessions) should come up, but there are still 0 sessions recorded in Analytics.

Does anyone has an idea why that might be?


  • Autotagging is activated
  • Analytics code is implemented properly on all sites
  • Loading time for the analytics code seems reasonable (see screenshot below)
  • There are no redirectes coming from display ads

There are two pixels, because Analytics is implemented twice right now (standard and via Tag Manager)

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