How do I set a profile picture for a custom email address (which in my case is contact@shivensinha.xyz), i. e., a picture that appears beside the subject on sites like Gmail. For example, if an image is not set, the picture shows the first letter of the name of the sender in Gmail, using Roundcube? Please ask for clarification of the question, if I didn't put my question well, in the comments section.


Finally I got a very useful tutorial on Google Forum.

According to the reply, simply follow the following steps to get your profile image while sending emails:

  1. Create a Google+ file with the address you wish to have a profile image (yes, you may create an account with yourname@yourdomain.com).
  2. Enjoy the joy sending emails/newsletters. :)
  • It doesnt work for me. I made the Google+ and send email to gmail, after to yahoo... and it doesnt work. – user82279 Sep 29 '17 at 19:07

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